Smartphone App

Smartphone App

After you purchase our Bluetooth stereo speaker light bulb from Audio Illumination, the next step is to go to the App store, Google Play, or Android to download our free proprietary A-I app.

After installing the app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to operate your Bluetooth synchronized stereo speaker light bulb for customizable functionality.

Our app is designed to be quickly downloaded and made to be used to fully control and function both stereo music and lighting together all from your phone or any smart device.  

Connect, sync and fully control up to 25 light bulbs simultaneously all through your phone or any IOS and Android smart device. 

Our Bluetooth stereo speaker light bulb app will automatically connect and sync with the master bulb from up to 35 feet from your smart device. This will also fully connect and sync up to 25 Audio Illumination Bluetooth stereo speakers through your I phone and/or smart device.

Our app allows you to fully control your Bluetooth stereo speaker to your exact requirements with the touch of a few buttons. You can control both the lighting and synchronized stereo music playing on all your light bulbs. Use the app to control the Bluetooth stereo speaker’s five-band equalizer. Choose from one of the 11 preset lighting modes or set the light to the exact rhythm and beat of the music that you are listening to.   

Choose from more than one million colors including syncing the lighting to the sound of the stereo music playing. When you install the Audio Illumination app on your smart device, you can also make use of its timer to turn off the speaker and lighting together or separately.

Whether you’re reading and listening to music in bed or you want to set a shut-off at nighttime, the easy-to-use app makes it a breeze to customize your audio lighting settings.

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