E26 Socket Extender

E26 Socket Extender

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E26/E27 Medium Screw Base Flexible, Bendable Socket Extender, 7-3/4” Inch Total Length can be used both Vertically and Horizontally, Curves and Turns 180°, Rated for 120V – 240V, 100 Watt Light Bulb Maximum.


  • Adjustable longer neck curves and bends up to 180 degrees. Rated use for 120-240 Volts maximum 100 Watt light bulb with any E26 and E27 medium screw base.
  • 165 Degree Flame-Retardant and Resistant, PBT plastic lamp holder along with stainless steel flexible socket extending arm.
  • Overall total length 7-3/4″, 6.5” inches from the screw base to the top of the socket head.
  • Use this flexible adjustable extension to position your Bluetooth synchronized stereo light bulb anywhere you want light and music.

Note: Do NOT use outdoors. Manufactured for INDOOR use only.

Note: Do NOT use in confined spaces to allow for heat dissipation.